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Delivering Value to Corporate Clients (Free use Code LRN526) CPE/CLE 2 Credits

  • 26 May 2021
  • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM (EDT)


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A company’s general counsel is expected to manage the organization’s legal affairs with an eye to cost as well as outcome.  For an attorney in private practice who represents one or more businesses, ensuring that the company receives sufficient value for the fees paid for the legal service represents a critical, but difficult, aspect of the relationship with that client. 

Unfortunately, determining the client’s view of the value of legal service represents a challenge that many attorneys fail to appreciate or to fully meet.  This is true for attorneys who work as in-house attorneys for companies (as general counsel, chief legal officer or in another position) as well as attorneys in law firms that represent business clients.  In addition, the value of the service touches many aspects of how counsel works with and provides service to the client, rendering the effort even more difficult.

Join the Legal Resource Network on May 26 for a two-hour discussion of value in the context of representing a company. Over the course of this webinar, you will hear from experts who represent the important perspectives that service providers, including outside lawyers, accountants and others, need to keep in mind as they service corporate clients. Cost represents a concern for all clients (especially corporate clients) and providers must pay attention to the costs of their service, including their own fees and the other costs incurred by or on behalf of their clients during the representation. Those providers must also keep in mind, however, the greater concern that corporate clients have: how much will the client benefit in its day-to-day activities and in achieving its business objectives and how does that compare to the cost of doing so? In other words (and more succinctly), how much value does the client realize from the providers’ efforts? Accordingly, we will have speakers address that broader issue as well as the subsidiary questions related to cost, coordinated effort and the application of various management techniques intended to enhance the benefit that flows to the client.

Learning Objectives:

Discuss value billing theory and practice
Review common billing procedures

CPE/CLE 2 Credits Provided (see details during registration procedure)


Over the course of the webinar, you’ll hear from the following:

Steve Lauer of Lauer & Associates, who spent over fifteen years as an in-house lawyer and has assisted multiple clients to realize greater value from the efforts of their internal and external counsel. Steve has also written many articles and books on legal service management and delivery.

Kenneth Vermilion of the Vermilion Group. Ken spent many years as the operations manager of the law departments of several large corporations and has co-authored with Steve many articles and a book on the value of legal service.

Pamela Davis, Chief Executive Officer of Veriten Legal, spent a number of years as an in-house counsel, in which capacity she managed large portfolios of claims related to workers’ compensation issues. Pamela now assists companies to reduce their exposure to such claims and the cost of that effort.

Shree Sharma, Vice President of Business Development at Haystack, is an experienced e-discovery attorney who consults with companies in order to manage more efficiently their e-discovery efforts and better meet their litigation-related obligations in that regard.

Jared Correia, Chief Executive Officer of Red Cave Law Firm Consulting, advises law firms on how to achieve greater efficiency through better implementation of technology and other techniques.

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