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The Role of the Expert Witness

  • 28 Apr 2021
  • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM (EDT)


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Successfully pursuing or defending litigation often requires the involvement of experts from various disciplines. Whether as an advisor or a witness in court, an expert can provide critical support for the legal claims or defenses of a party to the dispute.

Achieving the desired outcome will require, however, the identification and selection of the most appropriate expert. What considerations should you keep in mind when approaching that decision point in the matter? In order to meet the needs of the client and of the matter, the lawyer must take into account the perspectives of several individuals who will occupy strategic roles in the anticipated trial: (i) the potential expert witness, (ii) the judge and (iii) the lawyer responsible for preparing and presenting the client’s case to the trier of fact and law.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from two experienced speakers: one who has served as a testifying expert and the other a litigator who has examined and cross-examined expert witnesses in the courtroom. This will enable you to determine how to identify the best expert for your case, how to work with the selected expert to maximize the impact of his or her testimony and how to present that expert’s views most effectively.

Some of the topics the speakers will address:

The litigator – How do you determine whether an expert witness is necessary to fully and properly present your client’s case for decision? What criteria might you keep in mind when searching for the appropriate expert? How do you go about the task of locating “the” expert for your case? How can you best work with an expert that you’ve retained on behalf of your client? What “do”s and “don’t”s should an expert be aware of when contemplating serving in that capacity and during testimony?

The expert witness – What does an expert need from the litigator in terms of guidance and direction? How should the expert’s relationship with the litigation counsel be structured? How should an individual present himself or herself as a potential expert witness? What types of qualifications matter the most?

Having heard both perspectives, you’ll be far better positioned to identify and fill the need for an expert in your case. If you might qualify as an expert witness, you’ll better understand what that role might entail and how well you’ll be able to fulfill it satisfactorily. If you’re litigating a case for which an expert’s testimony is necessary, what should you anticipate when selecting and working with an expert?


Gerald Goldhaber, an expert on safety labels and litigation warnings. Safety Label & Litigation Warnings Expert | Goldhaber Research Associates

David P. Atkins, Partner at Pullman & Comley. David Atkins: Pullman & Comley (

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